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Selling a house is not an everyday occurrence. It is an important and multifaceted decision that involves a whole range of aspects, from economic to emotional-sentimental, and each of these aspects must be given the right value. It is necessary to make an accurate assessment to ask for a consistent price starting from an analysis of the contingent real estate market, organize to present the house in the right way considering even minor renovations if necessary in addition to advertising it on the most appropriate channels. Any paperwork necessary to make it saleable should also not be underestimated, as should the effort to find all the necessary documentation related to the property itself, which is essential to proceed with the sale.

We know that selling a house is a complex thing, which is why, starting with this article, we decided to provide our expertise and experience of real estate agency to help you in this endeavor. We will then publish a kind of column devoted to the main aspects to keep in mind when deciding to sell a house. Later we will focus on more detailed articles since selling an apartment is not like selling a mansion. In fact, from time to time the type of buyer may be different according to the characteristics of the properties.

We identify the target audience

The first piece of advice is precisely this note: identify your target audience that is, your potential buyer. If the object for sale is a one-bedroom apartment in the center, it is clear and obvious that the buyer is unlikely to be a family. More likely my real estate ad will be aimed at young couples or perhaps an individual who will put the property on income.

So let us think about the characteristics of our house so as to put ourselves in the shoes of those who might buy it: does it have a parking space or a garage ? How many bathrooms does it have ? Is there a cost for condominium expenses ? Does it have independent or central heating ? Is it a house in the country or in an urban area ? Let's also ask if there are services such as stores or supermarkets, public transportation, hospitals etc. near the house.

We also examine some characteristics such as the type of fuel used for heating, the energy class it has, how many rooms it has, and whether it is served by an elevator.

Having a sketch of the property to be sold we can on the one hand have some elements to define a selling price, on the other hand make a sketch of the potential buyer, and if we identify our target audience we can plan promotion activities measured on him.

With this we close the first article on how to sell a house. Stay connected with our column while waiting for the next one that will not be long in coming.

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