Renting or Selling Home, the dilemma of landlords

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Do you own a property and are undecided between renting and selling?

Every day we deal with people experiencing the same doubt as you, and we, who have been in the real estate business for years, know the questions you are asking and also many of the answers.

Choosing one of the two solutions for your property is not easy, and a number of variables must be carefully considered. On the one hand, square footage, maintenance status or whether we put on the real estate market an apartment in the suburbs in need of remodeling or an apartment in a historic downtown building should certainly be considered. On another it is important to understand what the seller's real goals are.

Here is where the experience and expertise of a' real estate agency such as Marco Catelli's and dedicated consultants can help clear up doubts about selling or renting a home. For many years, in fact, Marco Catelli immobiliare has been operating in the Lucca area in both the rental and sales branches in addition to the tourist rental market, and for this reason has no specific interest in guiding the owner's choice regardless of the property he or she owns.

Marco Catelli, real estate agent and consultant, or those on his staff, begins the 'assignment given by an assessment to define the right price at which sell house and then focus on the most appropriate and convenient choice for their client, without incurring any " interested " advice.

Let's take an example. You own a villa with a garden and swimming pool in the northern part of Lucca or a small-scale penthouse in the historic center, perhaps the optimal solution for you is to rent to tourists. On the other hand, if you own a terratetto in need of renovation or a 1970s apartment with garage and need to realize, deciding to sell the property might be the most sensible choice.

It is obvious that the decision may depend on several factors not all of them arithmetical, and emotional considerations have their fair share. But as far as purely technical factors are concerned, no one can help you better than an experienced real estate consultant.

Once the most appropriate solution is defined, the advice and experience of a multiservice real estate agency is certainly helpful in putting the property on the market in the most effective way. First, Marco Catelli Immobiliare already has available a portfolio of excellently referenced potential buyers and tenants who trust his agency. Immediately after that, one must take action to promote the sale or rental by appropriate means. Once upon a time a sign with the words "FOR RENT" was hung on the front door, today Marco Catelli Immobiliare has great visibility on all major national-international real estate portals and uses social networks in a modern and professional way.

He also has professional photographers at his disposal because in his work as in life he has realized that it is the details that make the difference and that when presenting a property to a potential buyer first of all you speak to his heart not just his mind.

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