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Marco Catelli Consultant

Refine my professional skills Has been a basic necessity for me.
Giving a new significance to the figure of the real estate agent a real challenge.

Being able to evolve the common vision of the agent by offering a integral and competent counseling Is still now my goal.
The perfect combination of the real estate agent and the real estate consultant has come to fruition in my business in recent years and to date represents the added value of a "craft" that needed to be adapted to the present, to new customer needs and to an ever-changing market.
This modernization of the role of the real estate agent is not only manifested in the approach to digital, but is embodied in the true figure of a professional who knows how to manage in actuality each identity of the property.

Finding the best vocation of every property, giving the right answer to every question of a property owner, proposing effective solutions to every buyer or tenant, this is what drives me to pursue this project today.


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