Selling home: presenting the property.

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One of the aspects that is often overlooked by those who want to sell their homes is. take care of the appearance of the house same. Presenting the property for sale appropriately can actually be a deciding factor.

Perhaps, if you are reading this article, you may be surprised to learn that we real estate agents run into this problem with some frequency. It is true that sometimes the neglect may depend on the owner's objective inability to take care of the appearance of the house for sale, but very often it depends on the belief that taking care of these details is a superfluous aspect since the buyer will not dwell on it any more than he has to. Other times it may be laziness itself that results in neglect as well as the lack of sensitivity that some possess in keeping both the present furnishings and the property itself in order.

In fact, we should not forget that The well-known rule that first impressions are really important also applies to real estate purchases and sales. According to a study, the buyer of a house decides to buy it in the first 60 seconds. Now, not wanting to take what has just been stated as sacred, the fact remains that presenting the property well and taking care of certain details can certainly help to capture the attention of the interested party.

Although we can imagine that the buyer who is about to take such an important step will try to rationalize as much as possible all the aspects to be analyzed, he will always experience a emotional transport during the first visit of the house in which he expressed interest so it is certainly crucial to get off on the right foot right away and have a positive first impression.

Some good rules will be able to facilitate the sale whether you decide to do it all by yourself, or if, as we suggest, you decide to rely on a good real estate agency. In this regard we refer you to this article.

  1. First rule is definitely to take care of order and cleanliness. A house that presents itself well will put the visitor at ease who will be able to identify more easily with the environment he or she is considering.
  2. Lighting is very important. If the house is not lived in but you plan to sell it, it is not a good idea to cut off the energy supply. Also take care to install light bulbs that produce good brightness. If circumstances permit, try, also in consultation with the real estate agency, to schedule appointments at times when the sunlight best enhances the exterior and interior of the house.
  3. It tries, as far as possible, to optimize space or rather try to make the house look as spacious as possible. So remove really superfluous furniture or objects and move the remaining ones so as to get the best possible result. Also eliminate, of course if you can and are not living it, items such as knick-knacks, photos, or furnishings that do not have the same sentimental value to the visitor as they probably do to you.
  4. It is necessary to Enhance the strengths of the house but know the weaknesses. Share this information with thereal estate agent so that he can better prepare himself when he has to accompany potential buyers.
  5. Always show yourself to be kind and helpful to visitors. A friendly and empathetic atmosphere is a good starting point when entering into negotiations.
  6. If possible, intervene in small and large maintenance works. For example, do not leave walls with damp spots or mold, leaky faucets, and still, if it is economically possible for you, also do more onerous work such as a paint job or repair of doors and windows. All the expenses you eventually face will be an investment from which you will certainly make a profit and will help facilitate the sale.
  7. Do not leave out the external parts. If the house has a garden, for example, do not believe in this case that the visitor will put it on the back burner. If he or she has come to see a house with a garden or a terrace, these are probably elements that interest him or her, so keep these areas clean and cared for as well as any vegetation present.

This notion of best practices for presenting the home offered for sale are a good reference point. Many other cautions may be more specific and apply according to circumstances.

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