How much does it cost to keep your second home vacant

Vacant House

You may not believe it, but keeping the second house empty costs three thousand euros a year. Let's see what the costs are and how we can save money.

According to the study of a leading Italian association of real estate agents, for a house of about 90 square meters with basement and garage, located in a condominium and equipped with independent heating, located in a medium-value area, the annual expense faced by the owner for the entire management approaches almost €3,000.

This cost is to be broken down into IMU, TARI, fixed expenses of utilities and condominium expenses in addition to the inevitable minor maintenance.

The average IMU for an apartment as described above is around 1,200€ - 1,300€ , an amount that is lowered by 25% if the property is rented under an agreed rent contract.

The waste tax (TARI) is the tax designed to finance the costs related to waste collection and disposal service and is payable by the owner of the property then the tenant.

Utility expenses will also be borne by the tenant if the apartment is rented for long periods.

In case the rented property is part of a condominium, the division of expenses follows the same rules: extraordinary maintenance belongs to the owner, ordinary maintenance to the tenant. It should also be considered that if the dwelling remains vacant, the ordinary condominium expenses will also weigh on the owner's wallet and cumulate on all other fixed expenses.

Despite the aforementioned costs, there is a very high number of empty houses in our country, we are even talking about numbers exceeding two million. These numbers have grown in recent years, due to the lack of trust in tenants who may be delinquent or ruin the property and do not guarantee a profitable investment.

In our blog articles you will find how to choose a good tenant and what guarantees to require to make your second home a source of income and not a fixed expense.

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