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Nowadays, the first approach to the real estate world for many of the people who want to buy a home is through access to the numerous online portals where in a short time and in an exhaustive manner one gets a general overview of what the current market can offer. The results of this search bring up dozens and dozens of houses and very often, those that fall within the type and budget set, appear in the eyes of prospective buyers as unwelcoming or too outdated. This may seem like a minor thing to some, but it is important instead to understand that viewing photographic listings are the first approach one has, or rather, it is through them that we make our first impression of a home.

In light of this analysis, it seems evident how crucial it has become to prepare the house in the best possible way both before the photo shoot and in anticipation of a visit with potential interested parties. Sometimes very little is needed to make our property appear more welcoming than usual. For example, let us always take care to illuminate the interior rooms well, even with lighted lamps that warm our home environment, as well as pay good attention to the state of cleanliness and order of the various rooms that make up the unit itself. If we want to go into details, it is also advisable to remove all strictly personal items, for example, family photos, children's toys and even items that are too old and too damaged. It is also usual to set a dining table set with plates, candles and flowers to make the attention grabbing and to make the possible buyer already imagine a nice dinner with his friends and family. In addition, the house should be as neutral as possible (decluttering) so a "depersonalization" of the property is necessary, a real attitude to essentiality; in this way one can best identify with the house and think: Yes ! in this house I would come to live !

One popular method of making a property more appealing to prospective buyers is home staging: a marketing tool that originated in the United States but has now landed in Europe and Italy, which deals precisely with setting up the interior of the home for sale.

This technique is most often used for uninhabited and empty homes: an insider will hire furniture to be placed in the house so that an empty and undefined room becomes something more attractive. L'Home Stager immediately sees what the crucial points are, and often the remedies are simple and inexpensive. Changing the placement of furniture, removing superfluous items, rearranging rooms neatly, adding a colorful rug, curtain, or large mirror can make a home more pleasant.

It was Barb Scwarz who originated the tool so powerful in home staging-in fact, she herself claims: "The value of home staging exceeds the value of the first drop "

Advantages of home staging?

  • Room harmony with appropriate furniture
  • Redistribution of space effectively
  • Enhancing spaces with beautiful brightness

The most important advantage, however, remains that of selling one's property more quickly. Beautiful pictures will more easily catch the eye of the prospective buyer when the latter reviews the vast amount of photos on the net. Buyers will be motivated to see your home in person and thus complete the purchase and sale quickly.

If you need clarification regarding the world of home staging or even simply need more explanation on how to sell your home faster contact us anytime.

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