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La commission of a real estate agency is the one-time fee that is paid for thereal estate brokerage activities fielded by the broker licensed with the Chamber of Commerce. This commission is recognized when it is shown to have favored the conclusion of a negotiation. This is regulated by Article 1755 of the Civil Code and subsequent rulings for various cases.

But what does this percentage to be paid to the real estate agency ultimately cover? These services may vary from agency to agency but generally always include: the valuation of your property, promotion, advertising on the various portals, finding buyers or sellers, contract management and its documentation.

Let's go through each individual aspect: let's start with the evaluation of the property. This is one of the first services the agency offers. Usually the real estate agent comes to view the property, will analyze its location, its current condition, size, and the real estate market in that area. This is an important service that the agency performs both for the seller because in this way one does not risk selling one's home at too low a price and perhaps in a very long time but also for the buyer, who will not buy a home at too high a price and will be favored by tightening the time frame for his or her search.

After the evaluation we move on to the promotion and to the advertisement Of the property. If we need a brokerage to sell or rent one's home first of all, the real estate agent will do an inspection to take quality photos, videos and virtual tours for greater visibility to a possible buyer. All of these elements are necessary for listing properties on various online portals, websites and even social media. Good advertising of the property is essential to attract potential buyers or tenants and increasing its visibility is definitely a very important strategy.

We now turn to the Searching for possible buyers/sellers: the agency has a large database of people, so the real estate agent, through business relationships and constant presence in the real estate market, will be able to locate interested parties immediately without wasting time.

A final aspect is the contract management and its documentation: all contracts related to the sale or rental of the property are viewed and checked, and all documentation required for the sale or rental of the property is also reviewed, including documents related to the property, leases, and the multiple clauses from which it is composed as all documents necessary to proceed with the sale. Documentation management is critical to ensure that the transaction goes through properly and legally and to avoid future legal problems.

There are many aspects and small details that a real estate agent analyzes to arrive at a successful deal. To ensure that everything can go smoothly and , in particular, that everything is accomplished in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to always rely on a competent and qualified agency.

If you would like more information about our work, please feel free to contact us or visit us at the agency, and we will explain what our work is like in the field.

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