The 5 features of the most sought-after houses in 2022

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What features will the houses that people will be looking for in the coming months have?

Through a qualitative survey involving users of the portal, the words most recurrent to describe their dream home.

The lockdowns that forced us to stay indoors for Coronavirus containment then forced most to come to terms with their homes, the spaces of which they are composed as well as their location.

If the home for many people before the arrival of this pandemic was experienced as a dormitory where they could rest at the end of the day, and thus its size was relatively important because most of the day was spent outside, this situation led us to reflect on and reevaluate a number of features we were paying less attention to. 

Outdoor space, spacious or at least well laid out rooms, possibility of making a home office or a space dedicated to fitness and wellness, convenience to major services.

These are the main characteristics that today's home seekers are aware they want.

Let's analyze the most searched words.


At the top of the ranking is the word bright. Brightness is considered the most important feature by people looking for homes. Exposure to natural light brings well-being, efficiency and low energy consumption. Exposure of the property to sunlight provides significant energy savings, this means lighter electricity and heating bills. Living areas (particularly the kitchen, living room, and study) are the most lived-in areas in a house; if exposed to the south, southeast, and southwest they will have sun from morning to evening, this will make it unnecessary to turn on artificial light resulting in savings. A bright house has, among other advantages, a psychological aspect that should not be underestimated. Indeed, light means good mood, serenity and relaxation. A house well exposed to natural, and therefore not artificial, light is a valuable asset for our mental and physical well-being. Choosing a well-lit home with the right exposure to the sun means making an ecological choice. Low environmental impact, reduced energy expenditure and thermal optimization are just some of the aspects of a bright home.


Garden is the second most used word. People want a private garden to have an outdoor space to use for outdoor relaxation and share happy moments with family and friends, where they can grow plants and flowers, and to also have a space for their pets. A private garden (60%) tops users' wish list, followed by, they would like at least a terrace (46%). Italians are willing to sacrifice a few indoor meters in order to have livable outlets in the open air. Condominium spaces are also taking a new shape with common spaces dedicated to smart working, green areas for children, spaces that become private by reservation and others dedicated for example to activities replacing the gym. These are housing models, based on the new way of conceiving aggregation, that are in a sense more intimate because they are more related to the concept of family but extend to the whole dwelling. When it comes to a condominium, useful common spaces become essential to provide the housing advantage required by the new needs that the lockdown with all its consequences has brought out.


The word cozy is in third place. The home should be warm, relaxing and cozy for oneself and one's guests, a place where one feels good, feels protected and where one is happy to return in the evening and enjoy it on the weekend.


Space is key. People want homes with large, defined rooms where each family member can have his or her own space and where there are places to share with friends and to accommodate guests. Homes should be spacious inside with livable outdoor areas. The desire for a larger house touches 32% of the respondents, perhaps with 2 bathrooms, a smart-working space, and sound-insulated rooms. The first indication that emerges from the analysis of the results is that 1 in 4 responded that they intend to buy, or have already bought, a larger house because of remote work, which requires dedicated space. This trend is even more pronounced in non-capital municipalities, where the percentage rises to 30%. In line with this trend, the second indication that has emerged is that about 24% of respondents have made, or will make, internal changes to the home in terms of both a different internal organization of space and furnishing, as they consider these new working arrangements to be non-transitory.


Convenient is the fifth most recurring word. Homes should be livable and habitable in every space, easy to reach, with few stairs or equipped with an elevator, and located close to amenities: stores, green spaces, gardens and parks, supermarkets, public transportation, work, school, but also hospitals and pharmacies emerging as a new necessity.

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