4 interventions to increase the value of your home for sale

blog July 2022

Want to know what interventions you can make to increase the value of your home for sale? From energy upgrades to caring for your terrace, we'll let you find out how much your home for sale can improve with interventions or accouterments that potential buyers are looking for more frequently.

Make your home more sustainable

To buy a home, energy class is becoming increasingly important. Surveys polling Italian buyers show that among the aspects for which buyers are willing to pay more is an energy-efficient and sustainable home. In fact, searches for properties, Casa.it explains, both for rent and for sale with reference to energy class have risen by 22%. The reason is that buying a house with a high energy class allows you to save on consumption, and this aspect is extremely important, especially now due to the exorbitant increase in energy prices. Improvements include the installation of solar panels, thermal insulation, rewiring, and replacement of windows and doors that raise the energy efficiency and thus the energy class of the property.

Repair and care: maintenance

If you want your home to be perceived as a valuable property, devote yourself to repair and maintenance: plaster over cracks, presence of moisture or mold, painting, replacing damaged furniture.

Painting walls and ceilings. This is an intervention that does not require an excessive investment, but it definitely makes a difference. Covering walls yellowed by time or with the halo left by paintings or furniture, mold or cracks gives a much better look to any type of property.

Flooring. Older homes in particular may have problems related to the flooring of rooms. For example: chipped tiles, parquet flooring with cracks or obvious discoloration, and generally decidedly demodé aesthetic choices that darken rooms. There are low-cost flooring solutions on the market that require little invasive work. A small investment today, to sell better already tomorrow.

Care of balconies terraces and gardens

Having an outdoor space is definitely an added value to your home. It is no coincidence that in this post-pandemic period, buyers' searches are leaning heavily toward properties with a garden and a terrace. If your home has a balcony or terrace, make it stand out as it deserves. Present your well-maintained green area to the prospective buyer, with no water run-off from gutters or moisture, make sure that the walkway is smooth and unobstructed. Eliminate any superfluous objects so that your outdoor spaces are presented as large as possible. And, of course, even a minimum of plant care is needed! The garden enhances the property not only because it is a beautiful and colorful space, but also because it can be set up according to the buyers' habits, until it becomes the real heart of the house. If the entrance is through the garden, this must necessarily be taken care of with grass cut, hedges and flower beds arranged, if you have the opportunity try to make it as lively as possible with the planting of colorful flowers.

Home staging as an aid to enhancement

Selling a home is also a matter of "eye appeal," especially nowadays where, thanks to the increased visibility offered by multimedia tools (the Internet, social media, digital versions of specialized sites), the image and presentability of the property has become a far from secondary aspect. In addition to appearing clean and tidy, the house must appear to the best of its ability: a Home Staging intervention is really the first thing that those who put their home up for sale should consider, although I know that it is not always easy or achievable.

Having the home viewed at a time when the natural light is bright and radiant (especially if the apartment is unoccupied) is something to consider, as is the wattage of the light bulbs must be adequate to emphasize the whole. Also, the most personal items should be removed from the house, such as photos and objects that easily lead back to the owner, to allow buyers to be able to imagine without external conditioning how they would like their home to look, and above all, one should avoid turning the house into a warehouse crammed with junk. A well-kept home itself conveys its value. Sort and set aside items that create clutter, perhaps using baskets or other containers, especially useful if there are children and lots of toys in the house. If you have lots of magazines and books, you can sort them into piles, leaving them lying on the floor next to a sofa or armchair. "Less is more" ("Less is more" say the British) in the sense that the more minimalist, essential you are, the more you remove the superfluous, overabundant elements and the better because you make the house more spacious, airy and if possible also full of charm, because it is visited for what it is in its essence.

It is critical to put your home forward for sale at its best, because we only get one chance to make a good first impression.

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